Candi Dunning, Larry Bradford, Minister Derrick Collins

Deacons - Tony Johnson, Chairperson

Board of Directors



Education & exhortation of believers in God’s Word

          Ministry Leader - Deacons Jeff Porter & Tia Hatcher

Boys 2 Men - Gerald Young, Coordinator

Christian Education Dept. – Jeff Porter, Chairperson

Electronic Mass Media  - Raphael Washington, Chairperson 

Girls 2 Women - LaTunia Pipkins, Coordinator

Purpose Driven Youth Ministry - Children Ministry, Tia Hatcher, Director

Victory Children’s Church

God’s Creation

Junior Gatekeepers


Amplified Teens - LaNita Johnson

Sunday School - Jeff Porter

Young Adults — Rev. Clint Sutton & Sis Venetia Sneed



Christ-centered church relationships built on helping each other to meet physical and spiritual needs, making each other feel like part of the BWBC Family.

            Ministry Leader - Deacon Mark Spearman

Benevolence - Val Spearman, Chairperson

Deaconess - Kaye Miles

Hospitality - Larry Bradford, Chairperson

Marriage Takes 3 - Rev. Sam Jones & Sonya Jones

Partners in Pursuit (new member assimilation) - Rosiland Walker, Chairperson

Senior Saints - Larry Bradford, Chairperson 


Reaching those outside of the church with spiritual and physical needs through the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

               Ministry Leader - Deacon Glenn Miles

Community Action, Angel Jordan, Coordinator

Family Promise - Jackie Arkadie, Coordinator

Fleet - Willie Swygert, Chairperson

Kingdom Man - Keyven Moore, Chairperson

 Scholarship - Sherrie Sutton, Chairperson

Women Dept - LaTunia Pipkins/Venetia Sneed



BWBC family expressing the worthiness of God in one voice.

                 Ministry Leader - Deacon Tony Johnson 


Announcement Clerks -  Candi Dunning, Chairperson 

Gate Keepers - Carla White, Chairperson

Male Chorus - Ed Clements, Chairperson

Music -  Minister Derrick Collins - Minister of Music

            Musicians- Keyven Moore/Jason Goosby

Property Coordinators - Deacons David Richardson, Gerald Young 

Sanctuary Choir - Gwen Armstrong, Chairperson; Megan Scott, Vice Chair

Wellness & Health - Shirley Reed, Chairperson