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To my WOVEN sisters,

As many of you have heard me say. if you're a WOMAN and you’re a member of BWBC, then by default, YOU ARE W.O.V.E.N; for, WOVEN is not something we join, it’s who we are.

Women of Virtue Embracing Newness.

It is indeed a blessing to serve alongside women who love the Lord, desire to grow spiritually, use their passion and gifts to edify the Kingdom, encourage their sisterhood and extend themselves to reach others. My prayer is that W.O.V.E.N will continue to challenge and enrich us through the many opportunities we have to grow spiritually, to serve our sisterhood, our BWBC Family and our community with fresh and new experiences with God.

Venetia Sneed ~ Lady V'

2023 WOVEN Ministry Leader

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In case you missed it

Browse the links below to keep up with our Monthly Meetings, Lessons, Nuggets of Information, and so much more.

See you each and every 1st Monday!

Meetings Start at 7:00pm

 Annual Father-Daughter Dance
February 24, 2024 
 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm 


 Annual Girls Conference
6th - 12 grade
April 13, 2024 
9 am - 2 pm 

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